the widow

from by gabriel.

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Bibles, poems, anthems, vows


Last night I bled to death.
Searching for the peace of pain.
To find the words spun on this page.
I looked for light in every vein and here we go, here we go
Again. AGAIN.

A little calmer this time, a little less screaming
almost soothing. Falling into the open spaces and into the web
we all collide. WE ALL COLLIDE! Searching for the light inside
and into her web, we find the pain as we rip the words from every vein.

I spin my thread of heated ink and crimson fills the bathroom sink.
I inject the pen into my arm, INTO MY ARM!
Beneath my skin the web takes form. A little calmer , a little less screaming. Prepare for impact. Here we go.

Can't see the words, can't find my light. I've watched this pen carve day to night. And one by one we all collide. Blood and ink, love and fear. The words and songs they make the thread. The loyal pens they paint the web. We carved our hearts into her pages, and in return she guards our cages. We carved our hearts into her pages. CARVE OUT OUR HEARTS! Carve out my heart. Carve out my heart.

And then there's nowhere left for us to turn and our questions aren't concerned with answers. Bibles, poems , anthems, vows. We rise and fall into the web again until we find those open spaces, as the colors stolen from our faces. We search for light in every breath, until our blood is all that's left and now it empties on her page.

After searching every vein, blood stains on my pen remain.
Two more cuts, two more cuts and straight until morning.
Only the stains from our pen remain, only the stains from our pen..


from Discography, released August 22, 2016



all rights reserved


gabriel. New York

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